A Dialogue platform for the development of voice and text chatbots with artificial intelligence
Reduce costs by 50% and improve your contact center metrics

We offer you a platform with which you can create voice and text robots.

How can you use our platform:

Automation of the first line customer support

You can automate up to 70% of all calls to the first support line. And reduce the workload on operators at peak times.

Make outgoing calls

You can create outbound companies to inform or refine your customers data, such as specifying the time and place of delivery or the time of booking.

Customer consultations

You will be able to greatly increase the quality of service by quickly and efficiently advising customers on the status of the order, the addresses of the nearest offices or to report the status of the personal account and much more.

Communicate in text channels

Your company with the help of our Module ZiaxFlow can handle not only phone calls, but also text channels: Viber, telegram, social networks and widgets on the web site.

Our voice and text robot development platform can be deployed on any cloud platform or installed on-premise.

Machine Learning

Platform uses machine learning to understand person’s speech. Using knowledge of the subject area and natural language, the robot monitors the context of the dialogue and understands the interlocutor’s intent and also withdraw the data that is embedded in the interlocutor’s phrase. The robot uses a context-intent model. This model is similar to work of the human brain.


The only chatbot creation system which allow to monitor the context, extract and normalize the data.

Technical opportunities of the dialogue platform

Ziax can exactly determine the person’s intent as it monitors the context of the dialogue

Comprehensive robot analysis report.

Extracting a lot of parameters from a person’s phrase and normalizing these parameters for working with API.

The system makes outgoing calls and receives incoming calls.

The robot can be trained quickly because it has context-intent model and the Web interface for robot education

API allows us to integrate with any systems (CRM, ERP).

One robot can serve telephone and text channels simultaneously.

Possibility to setup on-premise.

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Multichannel System

Ziax can work with telephone and text channels. There is no needn’t to create different robots for each channel. Create once. Customize any time you need. IP ATC, VK, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Google Assistant, Siri.

Why should you choose Ziax?

You can automate up to 70% of all targeted calls both incoming and outgoing.

Due to the processing of incoming calls, you significantly reduce the number of peak moments when the number of incoming calls far exceeds the number of operators.

Due to the automation of routine activities, the contact center significantly reduces staff turnover. Operators deal with more complex issues and do not burn out.

The platform uses context-intent model which approximates the work of human brain, it allows to bypass the same products as natural language understanding and learning speed of the robot.

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